Jason Goldstein


My research takes an inter-disciplinary approach in the marine ecology, physiology, behavior, and fisheries biology of mobile benthic invertebrates, particularly lobsters.  My work combines both field and laboratory strategies that serve to answer questions about physiological tolerances, developmental biology, larval behavior and growth, as well as investigating insights into movements, habitat quality, and larval distributions of such organisms.  A large component of my research is focused on the early-life histories of both temperate and tropical lobsters for which large research gaps exist such as the nature of embryo development including genetic and environmental factors that influence time to hatch. Additionally, not only do lobsters serve as excellent model organisms for carrying out basic research, they often comprise significant fisheries that drive the economies for many nations and coastal communities, further contributing to the many kinds of applied research including stock enhancement, benthic community structure, and aquaculture development.


An overview of my work and research interests:

Jason S. Goldstein                                                                                                  email: jsh5@unh.edu

University of New Hampshire                                                                                  phone: +1.603.862.4019

Dept. Biological Sciences - Rudman Hall

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