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Horseshoe Crab Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Our work on horseshoe crabs spans from molecular studies of second messengers to field studies of mating behavior. For more informations about Limulus ventilation, gill gleaning, cardiac physiology, CNS central pattern generators, cardiac ganglion neurophysiology and modulation of neural networks and muscles by neuropeptides and biogenic amines, download the appropriate papers listed in the Publications section of this web site.

Details about current work, in the general areas listed below, can be found by clicking on the topic of interest.

a. The relationship between circadian rhythms of visual sensitivity and tidal rhythms of locomotion;

b. field studies of Limulus movements and;

c. laboratory studies of Limulus biological rhythms in collaboration with Dr. Chris Chabot at Plymouth State Unversity.

For additional information about horseshoe crabs, try the following link:

The horseshoe crab