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Current Graduate Students

bethBeth Dubofsky
Research Project/Thesis Title:Biological rhythms expressed by juvenile horseshoe crabs

Darren Scopel
Research Project/Thesis Title:Homing behavior and home ranges of American lobsters.

Chris Rillahan
Research Project/Thesis Title:The behavior and energetics of cod in offshore aquaculture net pens.

Sue Schaller
Research Project/Thesis Title:Mating and seasonal movements of horseshoe crabs in the Great Bay estuary.

Tom Langley
Research Project/Thesis Title:Some aspect of lobster behavior and ecology. Yet to be determined.

Jason Goldstein
Research Project/Thesis Title:The influence of berried lobster movements and the development and survival of their eggs and larvae.

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Abigai Clark
Research Project/Thesis Title:A comparison of the trap dynamics of standard and ventless lobster traps.

Helen Cheng
Email:Helen Cheng <>
Research Project/Thesis Title:The horseshoe crab population in the Great Bay estuary.

tracyTracy Pugh
Research Project/Thesis Title:The reproductive success of American lobster: evaluating the influence of males and the subsequent impacts to lobster fishery management.