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Past Graduate Students

Steve Jury
Current Location/Job:Marical, a private company conducting research concerning aquaculture and products from the ocean.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Behavioral and physiological responses of American lobsters to temperature and salinity.

Chris Dufort
Current Location/Job:Web designer/programmer.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Detection of salinity by the American lobster, Homarus americanus.

Jim Newcomb
Current Location/Job:Assistant Professor, Biology Department
New England College
Research Project/Thesis Title:Distribution and effects of nitric oxide in the nudibranch, Melibe leonina.

Dan O'Grady
Current Location/Job:Diver/Research Scientist, UNH Offshore Aquaculture Project
Research Project/Thesis Title:Changes in heart and ventilation rates during locomotion in the American lobster.

Heidi Henninger
Current Location/Job:Research Scientist, Portland Aquarium/High school Science Teacher.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Sound production and detection in the American lobster.

Walt Golet
Current Location/Job:PhD student at UNH with Molly Lutcavage working on tuna.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Daily movement patterns of lobsters in the field determined using ultrasonic telemetry.

Susan Olcott
Current Location/Job:World traveler,marine biology educator in Italy.
Research Project/Thesis Title:The influence of temperature on the size at sexual maturity of female offshore lobsters.

Sue Cooke
Current Location/Job:Assistant Professor, Biology Department
Rivier College
Research Project/Thesis Title:The influence of temperature on the heart rate and activity of the American lobster, Homarus americanus.

Darren Scopel (degree pending) Current Location/Job:Teaching High School Biology/Science
Research Project/Thesis Title:Homing behavior and home ranges of American lobsters.

Chris Rillahan Current Location/Job:Fishery Technology Technician SMAST
Research Project/Thesis Title:The behavior and energetics of cod in offshore aquaculture net pens.

Dan Ward Current Location/Job:PhD Program, URI
Research Project/Thesis Title:Acoustics in Atlantic cod aquaculture, and the use of sound for effective stock management.

Jim Groome Current Location/Job:Associate Professor

Thesis Title:Modulation of the Limulus heart by biogenic amines.

Current Location/Job: Associate Professor, Idaho State University

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