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Past Undergraduate Students Involved in Research in our Lab

Jen Wishinski
Current Location/Job:Program Coordinator, Salish Sea Expeditions.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Research diver, jack of all trades, energy czar.

Jesse Phillips
Current Location/Job:Unknown.
Research Project/Thesis Title:The spatial learning abilities of lobsters.

Big Dave Kooritis
Current Location/Job:Outdoor Education Coordinator/Director
Research Project/Thesis Title:The behavior of lobsters in the vicinity of lobster traps.

Adam Chouinard
Current Location/Job:Fisheries Research Oregon
Research Project/Thesis Title:Cardiac responses to salinity changes in lobsters.

Heidi Henninger
Current Location/Job:Research Scientist, Portland Aquarium/High school Science Teacher.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Sound production and detection in the American lobster.

Sarah Havener
Current Location/Job:Research Assistant, Stern"Woman" for lobster boat.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Influence of temperature on the development of lobster eggs.

Emilie Weed
Current Location/Job:Medical Assistant/Fisheries Biologists Oregon.
Research Project/Thesis Title:Lobster orientation. Mystery diver.