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Principles of Animal Physiology

Zoology 626 - Laboratory Schedule 2006

Instructor: Win Watson
Teaching Assistants: Chris Rillahan and Jason Goldstein

Office / Phone / e-mail
Watson: Rudman 179 / 2-1629 /
Rillahan Rudman 193/2-4019/
Goldstein Rudman 193/2-4019/

Recitations: Mondays @ 5:10-6 pm in Spaulding G26
Labs: Wed PM & Thurs AM and PM in Rudman G-45

Dates Topic/Exercise
Aug. 29 No Recitation
Aug 30-Sept. 1 No labs. Figure out correct lab section.
Sept. 5 Mon. NO RECITATION Labor Day
Sept 7-8 Rules, requirements, computers and pictures.
Sept. 12 Mon. How to write a lab report/design of exp. 1.
Sept. 14-15 Glucose metabolism in humans (L1)
Sept. 19 Mon. Using MacLab. Quiz 1
Sept. 21-22 Respiration vs. temp. in lobsters (L2)
Sept. 26 Mon. Introduction to dissociation curves
Sept. 28-29 Oxygen dissociation curves (L3)
Oct. 3 Mon EKGs and experimental design. Quiz 2.
Oct. 5-6 EKG lab (L4)
Oct. 10 Mon. No classes, no recitation
Oct. 13-14 Rat vs. horseshoe crab heart pharmacology
Oct. 17 Mon Movie. Quiz 3.
Oct. 19-20 Extreme animal movies.
Oct. 24 Mon. Metabolism calculations and oxygen meters
Oct. 26-27 Metabolism of ecto- and endotherms. (L5)
October 31. Mon Osmoregulation. Demo.
Nov. 2-3 Osmoconformers vs. regulators (L6)
Nov. 7 Mon. No labs, Veteranís Day Week.
Nov. 9-10 No labs this week.
Nov. 14 Mon. Bioelectricity. Quiz 4.
Nov. 16-17 Resting potentials in muscles. (L7)
Nov. 21 Mon. No labs this week.
Nov. 23-24 Thanksgiving Break ≠ No Labs
Nov. 28 Mon Muscles. Physiology Game Show!
Nov. 30-Dec.1 Muscle simulation and contraction.
Dec. 7 Mon. Hand in lab books/final
Dec. 9-10 Lab Cleanup

Grading and Requirements
All students must complete the first lab, and 3 of the following 6 other labs, for a total of 4 lab reports. Typically students will work in groups of 2, so each lab group will end up writing up all the labs. The final grade will be based on a total of 4 quizzes, questions in lab, and the lab final, according to the following formula:

Labs Reports (4) 80 points
Questions in lab 20
Quizzes (3 of 4) 30
Final 20
Total 150 points

This is a writing intensive course. If you need assistance, we strongly recommend the writing center. You will be given an opportunity to re-write your first laboratory report. Subsequently, we will help you ahead of time, but we will not accept re-writes. If you receive a grade of 13 or less on a laboratory report, you will need to attend a mandatory meeting with Dr. Watson to learn how to do a better job.