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Neurobiology and Behavior Zoology 777/877 Spring 2006 Instructor: Win Watson Office: Rudman 179 Phone: 2-1629 Email: Time: T-Th 9:40-11:00 Place: SLS G16 Text: Neurscience by Purves et al. 2004 edition (DB Exchange) Tentative Lecture Schedule A. Understanding the neuron. Jan. 17 (T) Introduction. Functional Anatomy of neurons. Jan. 19 (Th) Resting potentials, ion pumps and digitalis. Jan. 24 (T) Action potentials. Jan. 26 (Th) Conduction, myelin and multiple sclerosis. Jan 31 (T) Quiz 1. Release of neurotransmitter. Feb. 2 (Th) Synaptic potentials and ion channels Feb. 7 (T) Integration: how neurons think. Feb. 9 (Th) First Exam. All material up through Feb 7th lecture. B. Neurochemistry Feb. 14 (T) Overview of vertebrate brain anatomy. Valentine’s Day! Feb. 16 (Th) Acetylcholine, Ach receptors and myasthenis gravis Feb. 21 (T) Alzheimer's disease Feb. 23 (Th) Movement disorders: Parkinson's and Huntington’s diseases. . Feb. 28 (T) Quiz 2. Biochemical basis of affective disorders I: depression. Mar. 2 (Th) Affective disorders II. schizophrenia. Mar. 7 (T) Excitatory amino acids, strokes and neurotoxicity Mar. 9 (Th) Pain, endogenous opiates, and addiction Mar. 13-17 NO CLASSES. Spring Break! Mar. 21 (T) Review. Presentations Mar. 23 (Th) Exam II. Anatomy and Pharmacology (through Mar. 9th) C. Sensing the environment. Mar. 28 (T) Chemical and Mechanical Senses Mar. 30 (Th) The vertebrate eye-seeing is believing. Apr. 4 (T) Central processing of sensory information. D. Neural control of behavior Apr. 6 (Th) Reflexes and Escape behaviors Apr. 11 (T) Neural Control of Complex Behaviors E. Influence of genes, hormones and the environment on brain circuits. Apr. 13 (Th) Take home quiz. Development of the nervous system. Apr. 18 (T) Influence of environment on neural circuits Apr. 20 (Th) Genetic and hormonal control of behavior. Apr. 25 (T) Exam III. Neural basis of behavior (Through Apr. 20th) Apr. 27 (Th) Cellular basis of learning May 2 (T) Circadian clocks and sleep. May 4 (Th) Last Class. Presentations etc. May 11th Final Exam (ALL). 1-3PM.